Double slide projection (disambiguation)

Double slide projection (disambiguation)Filip Cenek        12.12.2014

35mm double slide projection previews (on-line installation shots)

Untitled (poetry in stadiums). Fotograf Gallery, Prague
On a Clear Day. NF Gallery, Ústí nad Labem
Wonky Cinema. DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague
Untitled (Traveling through Fog). Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Prague
[Blackout/stereo]. The Good Shepherd Gallery, Brno
Before the Sea. Brot Kunsthalle, Vienna
Shiner. Futura Gallery, Prague
Untitled (Hindsight bias). Werkschauhalle (Spinnerei), Leipzig
Overlay. Hunt Kastner Artworks, Prague
Grid. 15th Ji.hlava IDFF, Jihlava
Getting closer, magnifying. Cabinet Gallery, Brno
Whilst (work in progress). Creative Time, New York / Triangle, Dumbo, Brooklyn
Pohlednice / Postcards. Galerie Měsíc ve dne, České Budějovice
Poetry in stadiums (revised). Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

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35mm double slide projection | Multi-image presentation in a single screen