Before the Sea – installation shot (Brot Kunsthalle)

Before the Sea – installation shot (Brot Kunsthalle)Filip Cenek        2.5.2010

Filip Cenek & Tereza Sochorová: Before the Sea. Photographic installation with black-and-white diapositives, 2008; two programmable 35mm carousel slide projectors, asynchronous loop (endless projection), variable dimensions and adjustable to the space. (Installation shot at Hilger Brot Kunsthalle, Vienna, May 2010)

[ 1: IMAGE (1998–2008), 3 mins, 75 slides, loop ] + [ 2: TEXT (BEFORE THE SEA), 2 mins, loop ]

Installation view (photo Martin Polák):

A photographic installation with two programmable 35mm slide projectors (double slide projection). One contains a chronological sequence of 75 (mainly) black-and-white slides (reversal film) that I made between 1998 and 2008. The other blends "images" of text in an asynchronous loop into the slide show. The work primarily thematizes the associative relationship between image and word, the actual construction of the story and the building of narrative structures. (F. C.)