Profile – Studio of Intermedia FFA BUT

Profile – Studio of Intermedia FFA BUT         1.1.2008

Foxes guard the henhouse here. This studio’s curriculum is based on an interactive structure of communication, emloying all available and unavailable means. Students learn the art of drawing, painting, video, music, photography, including the art of thinking. Graduates should be fluent in contemporary discourse and be able to present their work on the highest levels available to them. Postscript: You will remember in the hour of your death. Postscript 2: Or you won’t.

Studio of Intermedia (at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno University of Technology) focuses on conceptual, intuitive, and aesthetic explorations in artistic production, utilizing a variety of technological means. In this study program, students are encouraged to develop their own individual and diverse approaches to art and life. Regular duologues force the individual to recognize how s/he thinks and conceptualizes ideas and demonstrates that each individual does not envision the same word the same way. Worď (Šlovo). ABC of thinking... an understanding of art as a visualization of certain meanings, their mutual relationships, or ideas, with full awareness of the intentionality of such an approach. Fulltime courses are offered which lead to Bachelor’s degree (8 semesters, only in the Czech language) or Master’s degree (4 semesters following the bachelor study, in both Czech and English languages) in the field of study Fine Arts – Conceptual Tendencies. To go to school is artful and common-or-garden.

The programme of the studio:

Head of the studio: Assoc. Prof. Ed.M. Václav Stratil | Assistant: Assoc. Prof. MgA. Filip Cenek

Instructions for Incoming ERASMUS Students:
Full-Time Studies and Non-Degree Study Periods of Foreign Students:
Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno University of Technology:

Brno University of Technology
Faculty of Fine Arts
Studio of Intermedia
Rybářská_ 125/13/15
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Phone +420_ 541_ 146_ 804
Fax +420_ 543_ 212_ 670
Email intermedia[x]

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