Wonky Cinema | Vratké kino – installation shot (DOX)

Wonky Cinema | Vratké kino – installation shot (DOX)Filip Cenek        3.11.2011

Wonky Cinema | Vratké kino, 2–3 min., 2011  (Installation shot from Jindřich Chalupecký Award – Final 2011 at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague)
double slide projection, dynamically programmed asynchronous time loop (greedy algorithm) | stereo diaprojekce, dynamicky programovaná asynchronní smyčka

Two-channel slide projection in black box mediating narrative modes that are not defined merely chronologically but are created using other codes, which dispute the conventions of how we perceive time and our place within it.The Wonky Cinema installation explores narration in the shifting interplay of the visible, the unseen, and the spoken, between the limits of naming and perception, in the tension between the projection and imagination. (...)Vratké kino ohledává vyprávění v proměnlivé souhře viditelného, neviděného a vysloveného, mezi limity pojmenování a vnímání, v napětí mezi projekcí a imaginací. (...) — M. Bartlová

 English translation of “accidentally” projected textual images (subtitles) in the Wonky Cinema installation 
Radim Langer: Double synecdoche. Image of text and image of image | Martin Mazanec: Double perspective | interview
Installation view (.jpg): http://intermedia.ffa.vutbr.cz/files/wonky_cinema.jpg | Press photos by Martin Polák (.zip)

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Black places remain black
so that we can see
that looking into darkness is
different from closing one’s eyes.


Wait, I’ll read you something.

The language in which we think is banned,
and if we are thinking then,
we cannot use it to speak.

That we could live
as shade-intolerant plants:
climb up. We could
live, as if we lived.

Vratké kino / Wonky Cinema

Cena Jindřicha Chalupeckého 2011 / Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2011
klíčová slova: Vrátké kino, Wonky Cinema, Křehké kino, Fragile Cinema