Carpets Curtains (Errant Bodies/Les Presses du réel)

Carpets Curtains (Errant Bodies/Les Presses du réel)Filip Cenek        5.11.2005
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Carpets Curtains. DVD-Video, 2006, 70 min., PAL 4:3, Dolby Digital 2.0, Region Free
Errant Bodies Records. Grundtvigsvej 25a, 1864 Frederiksberg, Denmark / 230 San Pascual Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90042, USA
This DVD was created through the support of Tranzit, an initiative in the field of contemporary art and theory

Ivan Palacký (sound): manipulated micro-recordings, contact mics, dictaphones, amplified knitting machine Dopleta
Filip Cenek a.k.a. VJ Věra Lukášová (visuals): real-time image manipulation in interaction with sound (live re-edits)

Backup Improvisations (on-line video previews: live recordings; click the title to play):
Aliscafo. Live Re-edit, 9:25 min., October 12th, 2008
Untitled. Live Re-edit, 5:30 min., March 10th, 2004
Have you ever? Live Re-edit II, 8 min., April 21st, 2006
Yesnoyesno, 14 min., June 6th, 2004
Veverka, 1 min., January 14th, 2004
Shanghai, 14:40 min., April 10th, 2003
[Live in Roxy (Prague), 25 min., April 29th, 2007]
[Trailer (Zeromoon Nights), 2 min., May 28th, 2010]

C/C Exhibition (The Good Shepherd Gallery, Brno):
C/C Exhibition (Školská 28 Gallery, Prague):
Stills + Thoughts on carpets and curtains by Jozef Cseres:
Film Animation by Martin Mazanec:
Slit-scan still (15 min., Jeseník→Ramzová, 2004):
Slit-scan still (3 min., Athens, 2005):
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Where is the artist's freedom of expression if you get stuck on the narrative? The sequence and its sense in the tradition of telling a story is taken as a default. This experimental work goes straight against all this, taking the error, the interruption and the pause, and transforming them from accidents to fundamental nodes. The sudden jumbling of reference points and their disintegration then, is shaking the spectator's certainties, even after repeated views. The uncertainties becomes one of the few recognizable trait d'union of the different pieces, through software errors or accidents as the few claimed tools. The narration (as we knew it) is gone. The flow of visual and audio data is constant, anyway, and the elements of reality morphs into the abstract, through digital wire frames. The audio soundtrack is made on fragments on the same wavelength: processing of the respective software error occurred during long field recordings sessions. Here videoart and vjing meet in the middle of their respective edges, and the outcome is something to be watched carefully. (...) — Neural Magazine (8/2006)

Combining live audio “micro-improvisations” (refined by musician Ivan Palacky) with live video manipulations (by video and VJ-artist Filip Cenek aka VJ Vera Lukasova), Carpets Curtains express an engaging and nuanced interplay of audio and visual material. With live visuals being mostly based on self-made video sequences in which emphasis is placed on ambiguous “narration” whilst VJ software-mistakes are used to reach new amoebic image qualities, the result is a principle or method of remaining fixed to moving images while vacating the essential aspects for building concrete meaning. Such visual approaches find parallel in Palacky's delicate musicalities, in which found objects and minimal electronics are fused to create elegantly small sound mixtures. — Errant Bodies (Brandon LaBelle, 11/2005)

Key words: vjing, vj, vjs, vj movie, live cinema, performance, live animation, audio visual synesthesia, koberce, záclony