Have you ever? Live Re-edit | Zažils?

Have you ever? Live Re-edit | Zažils?Filip Cenek        21.4.2006

Have you ever? Live Re-edit | (Zažils? Live Re-edit), 8 min.; April 21st, 2006.
Real-time image manipulation in interaction with sound (4 photos). Sound: Ivan Palacký.

Roar of great waterfalls, or even more accurately the ultrasonic waves it produces is believed to be used by birds of passage for navigation. Water acts as a sort of acoustical landmark, marking turning points or destination. — Piping little voice as if you walked on a mountain hotel runner, your ski boots giving off terrible sounds in contact with wooden staircase string, and when passing a room a scarcely audible hum lets you know where a TV is on. Have you ever had this experience? — C/C

Water never dies and the wise man rejoices in it. No two raindrops sound alike, as the attentive ear will detect. (R. Murray Schafer) — We can see/hear/think the flowing water as a painting, or music, or narrative. Phenomenology of this process reveals the interwoven layers of our sensible listening that can easily turn into an uncensored fabulation. But the lightness of the virtual flowing can be dangerous; no safety belt or vest will save our drowning souls. (...) — Jozef Cseres, in: Hermes’ Ear. The Rosenberg Museum (Cat.), 2009