Spisovatelka | Authoress

Spisovatelka | AuthoressTereza Sochorová        1.4.2008

Tereza Sochorová & Filip Cenek: Spisovatelka | Authoress. Video, English sub., 9:15 min., 2008

(CZ) Císař, K.: Umění ztrácet: http://intermedia.ffa.vutbr.cz/umeni-ztracet-karel-cisar
(CZ) Blažíček, M.: Rozumění na půl slova: http://intermedia.ffa.vutbr.cz/reading-method#spisovatelka
(EN) Císař, K.: The art of losing: http://intermedia.ffa.vutbr.cz/umeni-ztracet-karel-cisar#english
(EN) Blažíček, M.: Half-spoken Understanding: http://intermedia.ffa.vutbr.cz/reading-method#authoress

“Authoress” is a video essay documentary. It’s a letter written in pictures. A play without a plot unfolds, emerging from the words of the letter being read. Here a voiceover hints of a divide between the time the authoress wrote the letter and the time in which it is being read. (...) — “Authoress” is a sensual video with documentary elements. The movie was realised during a trip to a Peruvian forest in 2007. It is inspired by the poems of Elisabeth Bishop and an experience in Lima, the capital city of Peru. The video subtly edits moving and still images, conveying a message only because of the viewer’s work in perceiving and combining these images with pre-written letters. There is a doubling in time-span and in what can be seen – like a narrative from a voyage which is saying the same thing over and over again, each time differently. — (Skalvijos kino centras, Vilnius)

Tropical Malady (video, 6:35 min., 2010): http://intermedia.ffa.vutbr.cz/tropicka-nemoc-tropical-malady