Tropická nemoc (po spisovatelce) | Tropical Malady

Tropická nemoc (po spisovatelce) | Tropical MaladyTereza Sochorová        17.2.2010

Tereza Sochorová & Filip Cenek: Tropická nemoc (po spisovatelce). Video, English sub., 6:35 min., 2010

“Tropical Malady (after Authoress)” is a free sequel to the letter written in images – the video-essay "Authoress". The image composition refers to the same-titled film by the Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Together with the first video “Authoress” it forms a whole entitled “Postcard” (16:10 min., 2010). (Note: “An image is like a picture postcard. However, a picture postcard simultaneously contains: what happened to the one who writes it and says: I am thinking about you, I kiss you; photographs; the presence of the person who will receive the postcard. It contains the present, the future and the past.”)

Authoress (video, 9:15 min., 2008):
Karel Císař – The art of losing / Umění ztrácet (2010):