Videotime 34: Sabine Groschup: {JC(639)} (Moravská galerie v Brně)

Videotime 34: Sabine Groschup: {JC(639)} (Moravská galerie v Brně)         28.11.2012

28. listopadu 2012 v 19:00, Moravská galerie v Brně, kinosál Uměleckoprůmyslového muzea, Husova 14, vstup zdarma

Sabine Groschup: {JC(639)}, 2012 (autorská projekce filmů, přednáška)

Dokumentární film jinak v roce výročí Johna Cage (1912–1992).

The Austrian artist, filmmaker and author uses a technique quite possibly unique in the history of the film medium, one that relates directly to John Cage: she allows chance todetermine the course of her film about the musical work that is to be played “as slowly aspossible” (ASLSP = As SLow aS Possible). The director established 89 scenes (corresponding to the compositionʼs 89 tones) whose sequence is determined by chance operations carried out by persons with a close relationship to Cage. The so-called scenedrawing replaces the final edit and brings the existing cinematic material into a panoply of novel, randomly-sequenced arrangements. (...) | přehled večerů Videotime:

Večery se konají ve spolupráci Kabinetu audio-video FaVU s Moravskou galerií v Brně a kolektivem Fiume.