Neometachaos – neometatelepathy (AMT project)

Neometachaos – neometatelepathy (AMT project)Václav Stratil        15.2.2012

Václav Stratil: Neometachaos – neometatelepathy. 15 Feb 2012 — 15 Mar 2012, AMT project, Bratislava
Opening 15th Feb 2012 at 6 pm, curated by Jiří Ptáček,

Installation view:

The exhibition Neometachaos – neometatelepathy is Stratil's first individual exhibition in Slovakia. In the context of Stratil's status on the Czech art scene and his high exhibiting activity, one may regard this situation bizarre, but we were inspired by it to a specific scheme of the show, in which Stratil's contemporary paintings will be contextualized by examples from the past (his series of photoperformances Monastic Patient and Dean). Including exhibits from these series is also a conceptual step underlining the continuity of one of the author's fundamental topics: investigation of the borders between art and madness, seriousness and dadaism, graveness and humour. Neometachaos, neometatelepathy aims to be a shortcut to a prehension of Stratil's work as a whole. (J. P.)