Bez názvu, 2.1D (Galerie Jelení)

Bez názvu, 2.1D (Galerie Jelení)Filip Cenek        6.5.2002

Bez názvu, 2.1D. Galerie Jelení, Centrum pro současné umění, Praha, kurátorky Gabriela Bukovinská a Keiko Sei
Diaprojekce, velkoplošná projekce, tapeta, zvuková smyčka

– “What comes to your mind when I say Humpty?”
– “Humpty? Humpty Dumpty, or a little jumping animal.”

At the beginning there is some thing I think we know. From a distance, the stony slope seems to have a flat surface. But actually we do not walk on the surface of the mountain, we walk inside it. This can be more precisely described – as Scholz has done it – in 2.7D. Regardless of what comes to mind, comes to mind, we stick to it. We are almost halfway out there: somewhere around 2D. And if, by chance, we get the feeling that we are outside the picture, it does not mean we are out, it is just that the frame has changed. As Melanie wrote me: “Like, if every image is so much trouble for me, and has no sense and no interest, I feel I need reality.” A blurred story.