The Fluttering Array Of Memories (Umakart)

The Fluttering Array Of Memories (Umakart)Petra Hermanová        13.5.2009

Nocturnal video installation, Umakart Gallery, Brno, 2009.
Co-worked with Roman Přikryl (

A set of memories has been projected in a random order onto a sidewalk in front of the street gallery for a fortnight. We tampered the atmosphere of the place by assigning fake memories to it, there is also a streetart aspect of the work.

There are big memories,
secret memories,
memories of a place,
memories of an eyewink,
of the invisibility,
of the journey,
of the whisper,
there are memories of dreams in the night
and of childhood dreams,
memories of the last,
insignificant memories,
memories of melodies,
and the déjà vu memories,
fade out memories and memories of a certain mood.
There are your own memories and told memories
and this one belongs to you now.