Studio of Intermedia – The Programme

Studio of Intermedia – The Programme         1.10.2008

The poetic principle as spiritual communication...
about gifts,
about one’s own limits and their crossing,
about the personal colour of the spirit,
about sound ambition,
about intonation,
about modesty,
about work as prayer,
about humour,
about dreaming,
always about ambivalences,
about dialogue as an artefact,
about serenity,
about time, space without timepieces,
about styles and style,
about intensity,
about nonsense,
about identity,
about alter-ity,
about personality,
about tolerance of plurality,
about collaboration,
about magic,
about lucidity,
about expression,
about possibilities of touch,
about connection,
about miracles,
about independence,
about communication,
about thinking,
about project quality,
about freedom,
about what is missing,
about meditation,
about contemplation,
about living performance,
about living poetry,
about joy,
about change of appearance,
about diligence,
about concentration,
about reality,
about verbal discourse,
about inner experience,
about character,
about cultural context,
about the quality of word, dialogue,
about performing activities,
about the media,
about music,
about text,
about spirituality,
about patience,
about hope,
about love of work,
about risk.

Visual appendix: